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We are pleased to be of service to you and your organisation and we are committed to provide our best service and support in the most professional manner. As soon as our representatives have had a chance to process your request or answer your inquiry, we will send you a response or contact you soonest possible. In the event that you need our immediate assistance, kindly contact us at telephone (65) 6742-3741.

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1) Work-holding Devices: Clamping Tools
Milling Machine Vices
Tooling Blocks (Tomb Stones) & Fixtures
Giant Angle Plates For Machining
Milling Machine Sub-plates
2) Inspection Equipment: Angle Plates
Vee Blocks
Master Squares
Precision Parallels
Straight Edges
Surface Plates
3) Workshop Tools & Equipment: Bench Vices
Drill Press Vices
Wood-workers Vices
Work Benches
Cast Iron Anvils
4) Mechanical Tools: Mechanical Lifting Jacks
Screw Jacks
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