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We at ERON Tooling would like to extend our warmest welcome to visitors to our official corporate website, thank you for choosing Eron Tooling.

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  About ERON Tooling
ERON Tooling Pte Ltd is a partnership between the manufacturer, Nabeya Co., Ld of Gifu, Japan and its Singapore distributors. The company was established in August 1990 with the aim to import, stock, distribute and provide technical support for ERON products to the industries in the region.

ERON's range includes:-
1) Work-holding Devices:
         - Clamping Tools
         - Milling Machine Vices
         - Tooling Blocks (Tomb Stones) & Fixtures
         - Giant Angle Plates For Machining
         - Milling Machine Sub-plates
2) Inspection Equipment:
        - Angle Plates
        - Vee Blocks
        - Master Squares
        - Precision Parallels
        - Straight Edges
        - Surface Plates
3) Workshop Tools & Equipment:
        - Bench Vices
        - Clamps
        - Drill Press Vices
        - Wood-workers Vices
        - Work Benches
        - Cast Iron Anvils
4) Mechanical Tools:
        - Mechanical Lifting Jacks
        - Screw Jacks






Besides the above, ERON Tooling supplies custom made work-holding fixtures to suit the needs of end-users. In this respect, ERON Tooling is aided by an experience design team at Nabeya to provide workable solutions. ERON Tooling's monthly shipment helps to shorten the lead-time and provide faster delivery of non-stock items.

This combination of supplying, superior quality products at the shortest possible lead-time helps to ensure customers' satisfaction.

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